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concatenating strings using for xml path('')

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-- Concatenate strings
-- concatenating strings using for xml path('')

;with boxes(id, name) as
select 1,   'Green Box' union all
select 2,   'Red Box' union all
select 3,   'Yellow Box'
fruits(id, name) as
select 1,   'apple' union all
select 2,   'orange'
fruitboxes(boxID, fruitID) as
select 1,      1 union all
select 1,      2 union all
select 2,      1 union all
select 2,      2 union all
select 3,      1

  stuff((select ','
         from fruits as f 
           inner join fruitboxes as fb
             on = fb.fruitID
         where fb.boxID =
         for xml path(''), type).value('.', 'nvarchar(max)'), 1, 1, '') as Fruits
from boxes as b

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