SELECT YEAR(p.CreationDate) AS [Year], MONTH(p.CreationD...


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SELECT YEAR(p.CreationDate)  AS [Year],
       MONTH(p.CreationDate) AS [Month],
       DAY(p.CreationDate)   AS [Day],
       COUNT(*)              AS [QuestionsAskedToday],
       SUM(COUNT(*)) OVER () AS [Total]
FROM   Posts p
       INNER JOIN PostTags pt
         ON = pt.postid
       INNER JOIN Tags t
         ON = pt.tagid
WHERE  t.tagname = 'android'
       AND p.CreationDate > '2011-01-01 00:00:00'
GROUP  BY YEAR(p.CreationDate),
ORDER  BY YEAR(p.CreationDate),
          MONTH(p.CreationDate) DESC,
          DAY(p.CreationDate) DESC            

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