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Artificial Intelligence

Q&A for people interested in conceptual questions about life and challenges in a world where "cognitive" functions can be mimicked in purely digital environment

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-- Might want to look into... Just sayin'

SELECT      Score,
            id AS [Post Link],

FROM        Posts

WHERE       posttypeid = 2
AND         Score < 1
AND         lower (Body) LIKE '%i have problem[^s]%' -- mixed, Done.
--AND         lower (Body) LIKE '%delete me[.!? ]%' -- Bad, all variants
--AND         lower (Body) LIKE '%i have a similar problem%' -- Good, Done
--AND         Body LIKE '%i have a problem%' -- Good, done
--AND         Body LIKE '%I has problem%' -- Bad, done
--AND         Body LIKE '%i have this problem%' -- Mixed, done
--AND         Body LIKE '%i get this too%' -- Bad, Done.
--AND         Body LIKE '%please help me[^n]%' -- Bad, done.
--AND         Body LIKE 'help me%' -- Bad (all variants)
--AND         Body LIKE '%Help me[^n]%' -- Good More, lower case?
--AND         Body LIKE '%I can''t comment%' -- Good plenty more
--AND         Body LIKE '%I also have this problem%' -- Good  Done
--AND         Body LIKE '%I have this problem also%' -- bad Done
--AND         Body LIKE '%I cannot comment%' -- Good  More?
--AND         Body LIKE '%I have this problem too%' -- Good Done

ORDER BY    Score,

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