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Artificial Intelligence

Q&A for people interested in conceptual questions about life and challenges in a world where "cognitive" functions can be mimicked in purely digital environment

-- Answered questions with tag 'vaadin' and 'extjs'

-- Determines how many percent of all questions tagged with 'vaadin' and 'extjs' have been answered
t.TagName AS tag_name,
COUNT(DISTINCT p.Id) AS total_posts, 
SUM(p.AnswerCount) AS answer_count,
SUM(CASE WHEN p.AcceptedAnswerId IS NOT NULL THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS accepted_answer_count,
(SUM(CASE WHEN p.AcceptedAnswerId IS NOT NULL THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)*100) / COUNT(p.Id) AS accepted_percentage
FROM Posts AS p 
INNER JOIN PostTags AS pt ON p.Id = pt.PostId
INNER JOIN Tags AS t ON t.Id = pt.TagId
WHERE t.TagName IN ('vaadin', 'extjs', 'zk', 'flex')
GROUP BY t.TagName
ORDER BY t.TagName

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