List of Average Question Scores Per Tag


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Lists the average score of questions tagged with a given tag, for all tags (up to the SEDE maximum 50,000 output rows). Specify the score sort direction by setting sort order field to be ASC or DESC respectively.

Android Enthusiasts

Q&A for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system

  SUM(pwd.Score) * 1.0 / COUNT(pwd.Score) AS [Avg. Q Score],
  COUNT(pwd.Score) AS [Total Qs]
FROM PostTags pt
JOIN PostsWithDeleted pwd ON pwd.Id = pt.PostId
JOIN Tags t ON t.Id = pt.TagId
GROUP BY pt.TagId, t.TagName
HAVING COUNT(pwd.Score) >= ##cutoff:int?10##
ORDER BY SUM(pwd.Score) * 1.0 / COUNT(pwd.Score) ##sort?DESC##, COUNT(pwd.Score) DESC

-- sort: Sort Order ('DESC' for Highest Avg. First/ 'ASC' for Lowest):
-- cutoff: Sum Cutoff (Only show tags used at least this many times):

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