SELECT TOP ##ResultCount:int## q.Id as [Post Link], q.Sc...


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Android Enthusiasts

Q&A for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system

-- Shows answers scored > 0 to questions old more than 6 months
-- ResultCount: Number of results to display

SELECT TOP ##ResultCount:int##
       q.Id as [Post Link],
       q.Score as [Question scored],
       u.Id as [User Link],
       q.CreationDate as [Asked on],
       a.Id as [Post Link],
       a.Score as [Answer scored],
       q.CreationDate as [Answered on],
       au.Id as [User Link]
       FROM Posts q
       JOIN Posts a ON a.Score > 0
       JOIN Users u ON q.OwnerUserId = u.Id
       JOIN Users au ON a.OwnerUserId = au.Id
       WHERE q.PostTypeId = 1
             AND DATEDIFF(month, q.CreationDate, GETDATE()) >= 6
             ORDER BY q.Id DESC

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