select UserList.uid as userid, count(distinct(pt.TagId)) ...


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Android Enthusiasts

Q&A for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system

select UserList.uid as userid, count(distinct(pt.TagId)) as uniqueraretag, cast(count(pt.TagId)as numeric)/count(distinct(p.Id)) as avgraretagcount,
count(pt.TagId) as raretag_total, datediff(month,cast('2015-03-01' as datetime), p.CreationDate) as month

from Tags t, Posts p,  PostTags pt,

(select p.OwnerUserId as uid 
from Posts p,  PostTags pt, Users u
where p.OwnerUserId=u.Id and p.Id=pt.PostId
and (pt.TagId=19195) 
and p.PostTypeid=1
and p.CreationDate>=cast('2012-07-01' as datetime) 
and p.CreationDate<=cast('2015-03-01' as datetime) 
group by p.OwnerUserId
) UserList

where p.ViewCount>1 and UserList.uid=p.OwnerUserId and p.PostTypeid=1 and pt.PostId = p.Id and pt.TagId = t.Id
      and t.Count <= 500 and p.CreationDate>=cast('2015-03-01' as datetime) and p.CreationDate<=cast('2017-03-31' as datetime)
group by UserList.uid, datediff(month,cast('2015-03-01' as datetime), p.CreationDate)

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