select qcomplex.userId as userid, avg(qcomplex.complexity...


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Android Enthusiasts

Q&A for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system

select qcomplex.userId as userid, avg(qcomplex.complexitysum) as complexitysum, AVG(qcomplex.complexity) as complexity, avg(qcomplex.varcomplexity) as varcomplexity,
avg(qcomplex.tagcount) as tagcount, datediff(month,cast('2015-03-01' as datetime), qcomplex.qdate) as month

(select max(qlist.uid) as userId, sum(tagcomplexity.complexity) as complexitysum, AVG(tagcomplexity.complexity) as complexity, var(tagcomplexity.complexity) as varcomplexity, count(pt.TagId) as tagcount, max(qlist.qdate) as qdate

from PostTags pt, Tags t,

(select t.Id as tid, sum( posttagm1.tagc)as countallJ, min(t.Count) as countI, (sum( posttagm1.tagc)/cast(min(t.Count) as numeric)) as complexity

from Tags t, PostTags pt, 

(select pt.PostId as pid, (count(pt.TagId)-1) as tagc
from PostTags pt
group by pt.PostId) posttagm1 

where t.Id=pt.TagId and 
group by t.Id
) tagcomplexity,

(select p.Id as pid, userlist.uid as uid, p.CreationDate as qdate

from Posts p,

(select p.OwnerUserId as uid 
from Posts p,  PostTags pt, Users u
where p.OwnerUserId=u.Id and p.Id=pt.PostId
and (pt.TagId=77858) 
and p.PostTypeid=1
and p.CreationDate>=cast('2012-07-01' as datetime) 
and p.CreationDate<=cast('2015-03-01' as datetime) 
group by p.OwnerUserId
) userlist

where userlist.uid=p.OwnerUserId and p.CreationDate>=cast('2015-03-01' as datetime) and p.CreationDate<=cast('2017-03-31' as datetime) and p.PostTypeId=1

) qlist

where tagcomplexity.tid=pt.TagId and and pt.TagId=t.Id and t.Count>100
group by
) qcomplex

group by qcomplex.userId, datediff(month,cast('2015-03-01' as datetime), qcomplex.qdate)

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