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  p.id as "Post Id",
  title as "Post Title",
  ('=HYPERLINK("http://stackoverflow.com/questions/'+convert(varchar,p.id)+'","'+replace(title,'"','')+'")') as "Post Link",
  p.tags as Tags,
  p.ViewCount as "Views", 
  p.score as "Score", 
  p.AnswerCount as "Answers", 
  --DATEDIFF(day,p.CreationDate,getdate()) as "Age (days)",
  p.CreationDate as "Created",
  p.AcceptedAnswerId as "Answer Accepted?"

from posts p


  --p.AcceptedAnswerId is null and
  p.CreationDate >= '20170101' and
  p.CreationDate <= '20170131' and
  p.ClosedDate is null and

    p.tags like '%<uwp>%' or p.tags like '%<windows-10-universal>%'
    (p.tags like '%<xaml>%' and p.tags like '%<windows-10>%')

order by p.viewcount desc;
--order by p.CreationDate desc;

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