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how long before I get tag badges?

Anime and Manga

Q&A for anime and manga fans

WITH counts AS (
select as userid,count( *)as posts_num 
from posts,users 
and users.creationdate<='2020-05-15'
and posts.creationdate <='2021-05-16' and posts.creationdate >='2021-04-15'
group by
bounts as(
select as postid,owneruserid as userid
from posts 
where posts.creationdate <='2021-05-17' 
and posts.creationdate >='2020-05-11'
select votes.* ,posts_num
from votes, counts,bounts
where posts_num>=100
and posts_num<=149
and bounts.userid=counts.userid
and votes.postid=bounts.postid
order by posts_num DESC

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