Identification questions that wouldn't be deleted (Q>=4 && A>=3)


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Anime and Manga

Q&A for anime and manga fans

SELECT question.Id [Post Link], question.Score AS 'Question Score',
answer.MaxScore as 'Best Answer Score', IIF(question.AcceptedAnswerId IS NULL, '', 'Yes') AS 'Accepted', 
FROM Posts question
INNER JOIN PostTags pt ON pt.PostId = question.Id
INNER JOIN Tags t on pt.TagId = t.Id
INNER JOIN (SELECT ParentId, MAX(Score) AS MaxScore 
            FROM Posts GROUP BY ParentId) answer
            ON question.Id = answer.ParentId
WHERE t.TagName LIKE '%identification%'
AND (question.Score > ##MaxQuestionScoreToDelete##
AND answer.MaxScore >= ##MinAnswerScoreToKeep##)
ORDER BY question.Score DESC;

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