SELECT TOP ##TopCount:INT?100## -- optional 100 ROW_NU...


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Anime and Manga

Q&A for anime and manga fans


    TOP ##TopCount:INT?100## -- optional 100

    ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY p.CreationDate ASC) AS 'ID',
    p.Id AS [Post Link],
    --p.PostTypeId AS TID,
    p.Id AS PID,
    p.OwnerUserId AS UID,
    p.CreationDate AS Created
FROM Posts AS p

WHERE p.PostTypeId = 1
AND YEAR(p.CreationDate) >= 2008
AND YEAR(p.CreationDate) <= 2012
AND p.Tags LIKE '%<vba>%'

ORDER BY p.CreationDate ASC

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