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select top 30 Type, QId as [Post Link]

from (
select top 120 
(case when min(h.Comment) = '2' then 'OT' else 'TL' end) as Type,
q.Id as QId

from PostHistory h
join Posts q on q.Id=h.PostId

-- closed
where h.PostHistoryTypeId=10
and q.ClosedDate is not null

-- not locked
and isnull((select top 1 PostHistoryTypeId from PostHistory
  where PostId=q.Id and PostHistoryTypeId in (14,15,35) order by CreationDate desc),0) not in (14,35)

-- off-topic or too-localized
and ( h.Comment like '7')

group by q.Id, q.CreationDate
order by q.CreationDate desc
) as x

order by NewId()

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