;with allusers as ( select id , creationdate , (select mi...


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;with allusers as (
select id
     , creationdate
     , (select min(id) id from Users where id > u.id) nid
from users u
where id > 0
SELECT top 1000
  curr.id as [User Link]
, curr.id
, curr.creationdate
, next.id
, next.creationdate
, next.id as [User Link]
, 'site://users/history/' + CAST(next.id AS nvarchar) + '?type=Moderator+merges+users|Merge history'
From AllUsers curr
inner join allusers next on curr.nid = next.id
where curr.creationdate > next.creationdate

ORDER BY curr.creationdate desc

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