Users from tags by score and reputation


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-- Users from tags by score and reputation

-- Tags parameter should be passed with string values separeted by , and within '
-- e.g.
-- 'reactjs', 'nodejs', 'typescript'

declare @limit int = ##Limit##;

select top (@limit)
  rank() over (order by sum(answers.score) desc) "Rank", "User Link",
  sum(answers.score) as "Score",
  users.reputation as "Reputation",
  users.displayName as "Name",
  users.location as "Location",
  users.websiteUrl as "Website url",
  concat('', as "User Link"
from users
join posts answers on ( = answers.owneruserid)
join posts parent on (answers.parentid =
join posttags on ( = posttags.postid)
where posttags.tagid in (select id from tags where tagname in (##Tags##))
and answers.posttypeid = 2  -- answers only
group by, users.reputation, users.displayName, users.websiteUrl,  users.location
order by sum(answers.score) desc

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