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-- The longest answers in terms of Markdown

Select Top 100 
      p.Id AS [Post Link], 
      Len(ph.Text) as [Markdown Length], 
      p.OwnerUserId as [User Link]
From Posts p, PostHistory ph
Where p.PostTypeId = 2                     -- is an answer
      and ph.PostId = p.Id                 -- getting history for the right post
      and ph.PostHistoryTypeId in (2,5,8)  -- initial body, edit body, rollback body
      and not exists (                     -- no later revisions of the body
        Select * from PostHistory phtwo
        Where phtwo.PostId = p.Id
          and phtwo.PostHistoryTypeId in (2,5,8)
          and phtwo.CreationDate > ph.CreationDate
Order By Len(ph.Text) Desc

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