SELECT q.Id, q.Title, q.body,q.Tags,q.CreationDate,q.Acc...


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Ask Ubuntu

Q&A for Ubuntu users and developers

SELECT q.Id, q.Title,  q.body,q.Tags,q.CreationDate,q.AcceptedAnswerId, q.AnswerCount, a.Body as answer, a.CreationDate as answerDate
, case when a.posttypeid = 1 then 'Q' else 'A' end [Q/A]
from posts a
inner join posts q 
        on = coalesce(a.parentid, -- only questions have tags
where q.tags like '%<##tag?c###>%'
and q.CreationDate > 2019-06-01
and a.posttypeid in (1,2)
Order by q.Id

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