select top (1) max (Users.Reputation) as Reputatio...


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Ask Ubuntu

Q&A for Ubuntu users and developers

-- Developer Profiles in Israel
-- Users with Israel in their location

--select count (Id) as Users_With_Valid_AccId from Users where Id>0

--select count (Id) as Number_of_Users from Users

--select distinct count (Id) as Number_of_Users from Users where Id>0

--select * from Users order by AccountId

--SELECT YEAR(CreationDate) [Year], Count(Id) [Users_Created]   
--FROM Users
--WHERE YEAR(CreationDate) > 2009
--GROUP BY YEAR(CreationDate)

--select * from PostTypes
--select * from Posts where Posts.OwnerDisplayName = 'Mat Mannion'
--select count(Posts.Id) as Questions_Asked from Posts  
--inner join PostTypes on Posts.PostTypeId = PostTypes.Id
--where PostTypes.Name = 'Question'
--AND Posts.OwnerDisplayName = 'Mat Mannion'

select top (1) max (Users.Reputation) as Reputation_Count, Users.DisplayName as Most_Reputable from Users 
inner join Badges on Users.Id = Badges.UserId
where Users.Location = 'South Africa'
and Badges.Name = 'Enlightened'
and year (Badges.Date) = 2016
group by Users.DisplayName
--order by Reputation_Count desc

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