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CREATE TABLE #MetovaUsers (Name nvarchar(100), StackOverflowUserId int)

INSERT INTO #MetovaUsers (Name, StackOverflowUserId)
SELECT 'Nick Griffith', 2792531
UNION SELECT 'Andrew Neal', 420015
UNION SELECT 'Jason Robinson', 291827

  SOU.Id AS [User Link], 
  SOU.Reputation AS StackOverflowRep,
  '' + CAST(CRU.Id as nvarchar) + '|' + CRU.DisplayName, 
  CRU.Reputation AS CodeReviewRep
FROM #MetovaUsers MU
  INNER JOIN StackOverflow.dbo.Users SOU ON SOU.Id = MU.StackOverflowUserId
  LEFT OUTER JOIN [StackExchange.CodeReview].dbo.Users CRU ON CRU.AccountId = SOU.AccountId

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