select top 100 as [User Link], count(D.postId) as po...


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Ask Ubuntu

Q&A for Ubuntu users and developers

select top 100 as [User Link], 
count(D.postId) as posts,
sum(D.downvotes) as downvotes,
datediff(dd,C.CreationDate,getdate()) as age,

100*sum(D.downvotes)/datediff(dd,C.CreationDate,getdate())as score2

from Users as C inner join (
  select as postId, A.ownerUserId as userId, B.downvotes
  from Posts as A inner join (  
    select postId, count(*) as downvotes
    from Votes
    where voteTypeId = 3
    group by postId ) as B
  on = B.postId ) as D
on = D.userId
where C.Reputation != 1
group by,D.postId,age,C.CreationDate
order by posts desc,score2 desc

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