Proportion of anonymous v.s. effective votes on questions and answers.


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Q&A for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles

CASE WHEN qora.t = 1 THEN 'Q' ELSE 'A' END as 'type',
CASE WHEN uord.t = 2 THEN 'up' ELSE 'down' END as 'vote',
COUNT(p.Id) as 'num posts',
COUNT(v.Id) as 'effective',
COUNT(f.Id) as 'anonymous'
(VALUES (1), (2)) as qora(t)
CROSS JOIN (VALUES (2), (3)) as uord(t)
INNER JOIN Posts as p on p.PostTypeId = qora.t
LEFT OUTER JOIN Votes as v ON (p.Id = v.PostId AND v.VoteTypeId = uord.t)
LEFT OUTER JOIN PostFeedback as f ON (p.ID = f.PostId AND f.VoteTypeId = uord.t)
-- minid: minimum post ID to consider
WHERE p.Id >= ##minid:int##
GROUP BY qora.t, uord.t
ORDER BY qora.t, uord.t ASC

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