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Q&A for serious players and enthusiasts of chess

declare @TagName nvarchar(255) = '##TagName##';

    q.Id as [Post Link]  
    , q.Tags
from Posts q
cross apply (
    select TagName from PostTags p
    inner join Tags t on t.Id = p.TagId
    where PostId = q.Id
    and lower(TagName) = lower(@TagName)
) t
where (
    select count(*) 
    from Posts a 
    where a.ParentId = q.Id 
        and a.Score > 0
    ) = 0
    and q.CommunityOwnedDate is null 
    and q.ClosedDate is null 
    and q.ParentId is null 
    and q.AcceptedAnswerId is null
    and q.LastActivityDate <= DATEADD(mm, -6, GETDATE())
order by CreationDate desc

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