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-- Fetches users who registered on Stack Overflow before a given date.
-- Parameters:
--   UserCount: Number of users to return
--              Higher values mean higher server load.
--              (default: 100)
--   CreationDate: The date to compare with each user's creation date
--                 Only users who registered an account on SO before this
--                 date will be displayed. Must be of form
--                 DD/MM/YY [HH:MM:SS].
--                 (required)
--   MinReputation: The least amount of reputation of returned users
--                  (default: 1)
--   MaxReputation: The most amount of reputation of returned users
--                  (default: infinite)

SELECT TOP ##UserCount:int## Id as [User Link],
       CreationDate as [Account creation on],
       LastAccessDate as [Last login on]
       FROM Users
       WHERE CreationDate < ##CreationDate:string##
             AND Reputation >= ##MinReputation:int##
             AND Reputation <= ##MaxReputation:int##
       ORDER BY CreationDate DESC

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