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Q&A for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in learning more

  Posts.OwnerUserID as UserId, 
  Users.DisplayName as UserName, 
  Users.WebsiteURL as Website, 
  '' + CAST(Users.Id as VARCHAR) + '/' as Profile,
  count(*) as PostCount, 
  sum(Posts.Score) as Score, 
  sum(Posts.Score) / CAST(count(*) AS FLOAT) as 'Average Score',
  min(Posts.CreationDate) as FirstPost,
  max(Posts.CreationDate) as LastPost,
  DATEDIFF(dd, min(Posts.CreationDate),max(Posts.CreationDate)) as Tenure
from posts
INNER JOIN Users on Users.Id = Posts.OwnerUserID
where lower(Posts.Body) like '<h_>%' + lower('##Lang?Kotlin##') + '%</h_>%'
group By Posts.OwnerUserID, Users.DisplayName,Users.WebsiteURL,Users.Id
order by PostCount DESC

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