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Q&A for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in learning more

with Voting as (
    select DATEPART(Year, v.CreationDate) * 100
       + DatePart(Month, v.CreationDate) as YearMon,
       case when p.PostTypeId = 1 then 'Q' else 'A' end + vt.Name as Series,
       1 as Vote
    from Posts p,
         Votes v,
         VoteTypes vt
    where p.Id = v.PostId
      and v.VoteTypeId = vt.Id
select *
-- YearMon, Series, Count(Vote) as Votes
from Voting
pivot (
    for Series in ([QUpMod],[QDownMod],[QFavorite],[AUpMod],[ADownMod],[AAcceptedByOriginator]))
    as Pivoted
    --group by YearMon, Series

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