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Code Golf and Coding Challenges

Q&A for programming puzzle enthusiasts and code golfers

SELECT Q.Id AS [Post Link], A1.Id AS [Post Link], A1.Body, A1.OwnerUserId as [User Link], Q.Score, Q.AnswerCount, Q.ClosedDate
  FROM Posts Q, Posts A1
  -- Post is question
  Q.PostTypeId = 1
  -- Question is a code-golf challenge
  AND Q.Tags LIKE '%code-golf%' AND Q.Tags NOT LIKE '%tips%'
  -- custom tags
  -- AND Q.Tags LIKE '%integer%'
  -- Has an answer in Factor
  AND A1.ParentId = Q.Id
  AND A1.PostTypeId = 2
  AND (
    lower(A1.Body) LIKE '____factor[^i]%bytes%' OR
    lower(A1.Body) LIKE '____________________factor%bytes%' OR
    lower(A1.Body) LIKE '_____________________factor%bytes%'
  ORDER BY A1.CreationDate DESC;

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