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Programming Puzzles and Code Golf

Q&A for programming puzzle enthusiasts and code golfers

select year(creationdate) as [year], 
  month(creationdate) AS [month],
  avg(AnswerCount) as AverageAnswerCount,
  sum(viewcount) / count( as AverageNewQuestionViews, 
  count( as NewQuestionCount, sum(viewcount) as NewQViewCount 
from posts p
join posttypes pt on p.posttypeid =
join PostTags ptg on ptg.PostId = p.Id
join Tags t on t.Id = ptg.TagId
where year(creationdate) >= 2011
  and = 'Question'
group by year(creationdate), month(creationdate),t.TagName having sum(viewcount) >=10000
order by year(creationdate), month(creationdate),t.TagName

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