Controversial Users


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users who significantly contributed to the network but still have very high downvote ratio

Code Review

Q&A for peer programmer code reviews

declare @sql nvarchar(max)

create table #result (site sysname
                    , hostname sysname
                    , displayname nvarchar(150)
                    , id integer
                    , accountid integer
                    , downvotes integer
                    , upvotes integer

select @sql = N'insert into #result' + STRING_AGG(concat(N'
select ''', name ,N''' as site
     , ''',hostname ,N'''
     , u.displayname
     , u.accountid
     , sum(case v.votetypeid when 3 then 1 else 0 end) downmod
     , sum(case v.votetypeid when 2 then 1 else 0 end) upmod
from ', quotename(name), N'.dbo.users u
left outer join ', quotename(name), N'.dbo.posts p  on
   p.owneruserid =
left outer join ', quotename(name), N'.dbo.votes v on  
   v.postid = 
where > 0
and v.votetypeid in (2,3)
group by u.displayname,, u.accountid
union all')
from (select convert(nvarchar(max),name) name
    -- , convert(nvarchar(max),sitename)  sitename
    -- , meta
    -- , domain
     ,  concat( 
        -- based on an idea from Glorfindel 
        (case sitename
        WHEN 'Audio' THEN 'video'
        WHEN 'Beer' THEN 'alcohol'
        WHEN 'CogSci' THEN 'psychology'
        WHEN 'Garage' THEN 'mechanics'
        WHEN 'Health' THEN 'medicalsciences'
        WHEN 'Moderators' THEN 'communitybuilding'
        WHEN 'Photography' THEN 'photo'
        WHEN 'Programmers' THEN 'softwareengineering'
        WHEN 'Vegetarian' THEN 'vegetarianism'
        WHEN 'Writers' THEN 'writing'
        WHEN 'Br' THEN 'pt'
        WHEN 'Mathoverflow' THEN concat((meta+'.'), sitename)
        ELSE case when sitename = domain then null else sitename end
        end +'.')
        , (case 
           when sitename <> 'mathoverflow' then (meta+'.') 
           else null 
        , (case 
           when sitename <> 'mathoverflow' then concat((domain + '.'), 'com') 
           else 'net' 
        ) hostname
from (
select name
, case parsename(name,1) 
  when 'Meta' then parsename(name,2)
  else parsename(name,1) 
  end [sitename]
, case parsename(name,1) 
  when 'Meta' then 'meta'
  else null
  end [meta]
  , coalesce(parsename(name,3), parsename(name,2)) [domain]
from sys.databases
where database_id > 5
and (name not like '%.Meta' or name = 'StackExchange.Meta')
) dbs
) dbsall

exec (@sql)

select top 100 
     , concat(''
       , accountid
       , '|'
       , min(displayname)
       ) as [Network profile]
     , count(*) as [sites]
     , sum(downvotes) [sum of downvotes]
     , sum(upvotes) [sum of upvotes]
     , IIF((sum(downvotes)+sum(upvotes)) != 0, 1.0*sum(downvotes)/(sum(downvotes)+sum(upvotes))*100, 0.0) [downvote ratio (%)]
from #result
group by accountid
order by (IIF(sum(upvotes) > 100, 1.0*sum(downvotes)/(sum(downvotes)+sum(upvotes)), 0.0)) desc

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