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with QRs as (
    select distinct PostId, 'Reopened' as Reop
    from PostHistory
    where PostHistoryTypeId = 11
), Qs as (
    select p.Id,
       IsNull(Reop, 'OK') as State,
    from Posts p
    left outer join QRs on p.Id = QRs.PostId
    where p.PostTypeId = 1
      and ClosedDate is null
select State,
       count(Id) as QCount,
       sum (AnswerCount) as Answers,
       avg(1.0 * AnswerCount) as AvgAnswers,
       sum(Score) as Scores,
       avg(1.0 * Score) as AvgScores
from Qs
group by State

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