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with CandidateEdits as (
    select min(ph.Id) as EditId,
           ph.PostId EditPost,
           ph.RevisionGUID as EditGUID,
           ph.CreationDate as EditDate
    from PostHistory as ph
        inner join Posts as p on ph.PostId = p.Id and OwnerUserId != UserId
    where UserId = ##UserId:int##
      and PostHistoryTypeId in (4,5) --Title/Body edits.
      and PostId = 21539
    group by ph.PostId, ph.RevisionGUID, ph.CreationDate
select ce.*, ph.*
from CandidateEdits as ce Left Outer Join PostHistory as ph on
             EditPost = ph.PostId
where CreationDate between DateAdd(mm, -6, EditDate) and EditDate
  and Id < EditId
  and RevisionGUID <> EditGUID

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