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This report lists all the bounties offered and earned. It differentiates between bounties offered on questions that the bounty-supplier owns (Self) or does not own (Promotes).

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WITH Bounties AS (
       UserID AS UserID,
       0 AS GetCount,
       0 AS GetAmount,
       COUNT(BountyAmount) AS GiveCount,
       SUM(BountyAmount) AS GiveAmount,
       SUM(case when Posts.OwnerUserId = Votes.UserId then 1 else 0 end) AS SelfCount,
       SUM(case when Posts.OwnerUserId = Votes.UserId then BountyAmount else 0 end) AS SelfAmount
    FROM Votes,
    WHERE Votes.PostId = Posts.Id
      AND VoteTypeId = 8
    GROUP --firewall fix
    BY UserID
       Posts.OwnerUserID AS UserID,
       COUNT(BountyAmount) AS GetCount,
       SUM(BountyAmount) AS GetAmount,
       0 AS GiveCount,
       0 AS GiveAmount,
       0 AS SelfCount,
       0 AS SelfAmount
    FROM Votes,
    WHERE Votes.PostId = Posts.ID
      AND VoteTypeId = 9
    GROUP --firewall fix
    BY Posts.OwnerUserID

SELECT UserID AS [User Link],
       SUM(GiveCount - SelfCount) AS Pomotions,
       SUM(GiveAmount - SelfAmount) AS PromotedAmount,
       SUM(GetCount) AS GetCount,
       SUM(GetAmount) AS GetAmount,
       SUM(GiveCount) AS GiveCount,
       SUM(GiveAmount) AS GiveAmount,
       SUM(SelfCount) AS SelfCount,
       SUM(SelfAmount) AS SelfAmount,
       SUM(GiveCount + GetCount) AS EventCount,
       SUM(GetAmount - GiveAmount) AS NetBenefit
FROM Bounties
GROUP -- firewall fix
ORDER BY PromotedAmount DESC, EventCount DESC, NetBenefit DESC

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