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Psychology and Neuroscience

Q&A for practitioners, researchers, and students in cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry

--select count (Badges.UserId), Users.Id, Users.DisplayName, Users.Location
--from Badges, Users
--where Badges.UserId=Users.Id
--and Users.Location='Latvia'
--group by count (Badges.UserId)
--having count (Badges.UserId)>100

--SELECT Users.Id, Users.DisplayName, Users.Location, Badges.UserId, Badges.Name 
--FROM Users, Badges
--WHERE Users.Id=Badges.UserId
--AND Users.Location='Latvia'
--AND Badges.Name='Editor'

--FROM PostTypes

SELECT PostTypeID, CreationDate, OwnerUserId, Title, Body, Tags
FROM Posts
WHERE OwnerUserId=41360
AND PostTypeID=1 --Question
--WHERE OwnerUserId IN (41360, 82062, 217823, 694195, 239599, 372149, 374476, 
--483408, 50173, 894671, 3997611, 715707, 1458617)
--AND CreationDate LIKE '%2021%'

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