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Constructed Languages

Q&A for designers and users of artificial or invented languages, consciously developed instead of having developed naturally

WITH Answers AS (
  SELECT Id, ParentId, CreationDate
    FROM Posts
    WHERE PostTypeId = 2 -- Answers
    AND Score > 0 -- positively voted
Questions AS (
  SELECT  Id, CreationDate, AcceptedAnswerId
    FROM Posts
    WHERE PostTypeId = 1 -- Questions
    AND DATEDIFF(DD, CreationDate, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) BETWEEN 100 AND 400  -- some meaningful range
    AND DeletionDate is NULL
    AND ClosedDate is NULL

SELECT TIME_TO_ANSWER AS [Days until an Answer], COUNT(TIME_TO_ANSWER) AS [Occurency]
  FROM (
    -- question creation dates and time until first answer
    SELECT Questions.CreationDate, CASE WHEN MIN(Answers.CreationDate) IS NOT NULL THEN DATEDIFF(DD, Questions.CreationDate, MIN(Answers.CreationDate)) ELSE 100 END AS [TIME_TO_ANSWER]
      FROM Questions
      LEFT JOIN Answers 
      ON Questions.AcceptedAnswerId = Answers.Id
      GROUP BY Questions.CreationDate
  ) h
  WHERE TIME_TO_ANSWER BETWEEN 0 AND 100 -- some meaningful range


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