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Constructed Languages

Q&A for designers and users of artificial or invented languages, consciously developed instead of having developed naturally

SELECT year(p1.ClosedDate) as y
     , month(p1.ClosedDate) as m
     ,  cast (year(p1.ClosedDate) as  varchar(10)) + '/' + cast(month(p1.ClosedDate) as varchar(19)) as ym
     ,  count(p1.Id) as Questions
FROM PostHistory
JOIN Posts AS p1 ON p1.Id = PostHistory.PostId
--join Posts p2 ON 
WHERE p1.ClosedDate >= '2012-01-01' 
--AND Posts.ClosedDate < '2012-12-01'
AND PostHistoryTypeId = 10
AND PostHistory.Comment != 1
group by year(p1.ClosedDate), month(p1.ClosedDate)
ORDER BY 1 desc, 2 desc

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