StackOverflow users from Turkey


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List of StackOverflow users from Turkey.

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-- StackOverflow users from Turkey
-- List of StackOverflow users from Turkey.

  SELECT DisplayName
        ,'' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), Id) AS ProfileUrl
    FROM Users(NOLOCK)
   WHERE UPPER(Location) like N'%TURKEY%'
      OR Location like N'%, TR'
      OR Location like N'%,TR'
      OR UPPER(Location) like N'%TÜRKIYE%'
      OR Location like N'%TÜRKİYE%'
      OR UPPER(Location) like N'%ANKARA%'
      OR UPPER(Location) like N'%IZMIR%'
      OR Location like N'%İZMİR%'
      OR UPPER(Location) like N'%ISTANBUL%'
      OR Location like N'%İSTANBUL%'
ORDER BY Reputation DESC

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