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declare @search nvarchar(200) = ##code:string##
declare @tag nvarchar(35) = ##tag:string?r##

set @search = replace(@search,'[', '[[]');
set @search = replace(@search,'_', '[_]');
set @search = replace(@search,'%', '[%]');

print @search

;with tagposts as (
from posts p
inner join posttags pt on pt.postid = coalesce(p.parentid,
inner join tags t on = pt.tagid
where tagname = @tag

select  top 50
       -- count(*) as [Post Link]
     , p.posttypeid
     , p.score
     , p.creationdate
     , p.tags
from tagposts tp
inner join posts p on =
where p.body like concat('%<pre><code>%', @search, '%</code></pre>%')
order by p.score desc

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