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With topTags As (
  Select Top 40 t.tagId
  From postTags t
  Group By t.tagId
  Order By Count(*) Desc
  Sum( a.score ) As Score,
  Sum( Case When Sum( a.score ) >= 15 Then 1 Else 0 End ) Over ( ) As ReachedTags
From topTags tt
Join postTags pt On ( pt.tagId = tt.tagId )
Join tags t On ( = tt.tagId )
Join posts q On ( = pt.postId
                  And q.postTypeId = 1             -- only questions have tags
                  And q.communityOwnedDate Is Null -- community
Join posts a On ( a.parentId = and a.communityOwnedDate is null)
Where a.ownerUserId = ##UserId##
Group By t.tagName
Order By score Desc

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