Average accept rate (for the whole site)


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The average accept rate among all users of the target site.

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SELECT AVG(a.[Accept Rate]) AS [Average accept rate]
      CAST(COUNT(p.AcceptedAnswerId) AS FLOAT) / CAST(COUNT(p.Id) AS FLOAT) * 100 
        AS DECIMAL(5,2)
     ) AS [Accept Rate]
  FROM Posts p
    p.PostTypeId = 1 -- Only questions
    AND p.ClosedDate IS NULL -- that have not been closed
    AND p.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL -- and are not CW
    AND p.AnswerCount > 0 -- and actually have some answers
    AND (p.OwnerUserId IS NOT NULL AND p.OwnerUserId <> '') -- bleep bloop
  GROUP BY p.OwnerUserId
  HAVING COUNT(p.Id) >= 4 -- Need at least 4 questions for accept rate
) AS a

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