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-- select * from PostTypes;
select count(*) 
from PostsWithDeleted inner join

--select * from Tags order by Count desc;

select top(50) p.Id, p.Score, p.ViewCount, p.AnswerCount, COALESCE(FavoriteCount, 0) as FavoriteCount, CommentCount, Reputation,
    p.Title, p.Body, c.Text, c.Score 
from Posts p inner join Users u on u.Id = p.OwnerUserId
INNER JOIN Comments c ON c.PostId = p.Id

WHERE PostTypeId = 1 AND 
CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL AND 
YEAR(p.CreationDate) = 2018 AND
p.Tags LIKE '%python%' AND
c.text LIKE '%def %'

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