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Breaks down average time to answer questions by tag, across time. Filters out unanswered and questions answered after 30 days.

Craft CMS Meta

Q&A about the site for administrators, end users, developers and designers for Craft CMS

select TagName, 
       avg(SecondsToAnswer) AvgSecondsToAnswer
  select t.TagName, 
         format(q.CreationDate, 'yyyy-MM-dd') Asked, 
         min(a.CreationDate) AnswerDate,
         datediff(second, q.CreationDate, min(a.CreationDate)) SecondsToAnswer
  from Posts q
    inner join PostTags pt on q.Id = pt.PostId
    inner join Tags t on pt.TagId = t.Id
    inner join Posts a on q.Id = a.ParentId
    q.PostTypeId = 1
    and a.PostTypeId = 2
  group by
    t.TagName, q.CreationDate
) q
where SecondsToAnswer < 2592000
group by TagName, Asked
order by TagName, Asked

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