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Q&A for software developers, mathematicians and others interested in cryptography

create table #unanswered (Id int primary key, Total int)

insert #unanswered
select q.Id as Id, 
case when q.AcceptedAnswerId is null then -10 when q.AcceptedAnswerId is not null then 0 end as "Total"
from Posts q

select top 500 p.Id as [Post Link], 
case when p.AcceptedAnswerId is null then 'false' else 'true' end as [Answered],
((p.ViewCount * 0.01) + p.AnswerCount + u.Total) as Weight,
from Posts p
join #unanswered u on u.Id = p.Id
join PostTags pt on pt.PostId = p.Id
join Tags t on t.Id = pt.TagId
where t.TagName = 'azure-active-directory'
order by Answered, Weight desc

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