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Q&A for software developers, mathematicians and others interested in cryptography

-- DECLARE @Keyword nvarchar(100) = '%##LowerCaseKeyword##%' -- user prompt
DECLARE @Keyword nvarchar(30) = '% graph %' -- leading/trailing space helps match stackoverflow.com search behavior

-- Build the filter result set; contains key and unanswered 'skew' value
CREATE TABLE #unanswered (Id int primary key, Age int, UnansweredSkew int)
INSERT #unanswered
SELECT q.Id as Id, 
CAST((GETDATE() - q.CreationDate) AS INT) as Age,
CASE WHEN q.AcceptedAnswerId is null THEN -10 
     WHEN q.AcceptedAnswerId is not null THEN 0 END AS [Total]
FROM Posts q
WHERE ((q.Tags LIKE '%adal%')
    OR (q.Tags LIKE '%office365%')
    OR (q.Tags LIKE '%azure-active-directory%'))
AND ((LOWER(q.Body) LIKE @Keyword)
   OR(LOWER(q.Title) LIKE @Keyword))
-- Build the weighting result set, using the one above as driver
SELECT p.Id AS [Post Link], 
CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), p.CreationDate, 1) as Created,
CASE WHEN p.AcceptedAnswerId is null THEN 'false' ELSE 'true' END AS Answered,
((p.ViewCount * .05) + (u.Age * .1) + p.AnswerCount + u.UnansweredSkew) AS Weight
FROM Posts p
JOIN #unanswered u ON u.Id = p.Id
ORDER BY Answered ASC, Weight DESC

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