SELECT top (100) p.Id,u.DisplayName AS "Asker", 'https://...


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Computer Science Educators

Q&A for those involved in the field of teaching Computer Science

SELECT top (100)
    p.Id,u.DisplayName AS "Asker",
    '' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, u.Id) AS AskerLink,
    au.DisplayName AS "Answerer",
    '' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, au.Id) AS AnswererLink,
    '' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, p.Id) as Link,
    p.Body as QuestionBody,
    FIRST_VALUE(a.Body) OVER (PARTITION BY ORDER BY a.Score DESC) AS HighestScoringAnswer
FROM Posts p
JOIN Posts a ON p.AcceptedAnswerId = a.Id
--JOIN Posts a ON a.ParentID = p.Id
JOIN Users u ON p.OwnerUserId = u.Id
JOIN Users au ON a.OwnerUserId = au.Id

where p.Id >0

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