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Theoretical Computer Science

Q&A for theoretical computer scientists and researchers in related fields

select case when q.body like '%<code>%' then 'yes'
            else 'no' end as IncludesCode
     , count(*) as Count
  from posts q
 where q.posttypeid = 1
   and q.viewcount > 10
   and ( q.score < 0
         or q.closeddate is not null )
   and q.answercount > 0
   and q.creationdate > ( select max(creationdate)
                           from posts ) - 30
   and not exists ( select 1
                      from posts
                     where parentid = q.id
                       and posttypeid = 2
                       and ( score > 0
                            or id = q.acceptedanswerid )
 group by case when q.body like '%<code>%' then 'yes'
               else 'no' end

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