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DevOps Meta

Q&A about the site for software engineers working on automated testing, continuous delivery, service integration and monitoring, and building SDLC infrastructure

DECLARE @UserId int = ##UserId##

select top 10 
    someQuestion.Id as [Post Link],
    someQuestion.Title as Title,
    someQuestion.OwnerDisplayName as Name,
    someQuestion.OwnerUserId as UserID,
    someQuestion.Score as QScore,
    someQuestion.ViewCount as Views,
    someQuestion.AnswerCount as Answers,
    someQuestion.Id as ID,
    someQuestion.AcceptedAnswerId as AID,
    yourAnswer.Id as MyID,
    yourAnswer.Score as MyScore,
    someQuestion.CommentCount as QComm,
    yourAnswer.CommentCount as MyComm,

from Posts yourAnswer 
join Posts someQuestion
on yourAnswer.ParentID=someQuestion.Id 
where yourAnswer.OwnerUserId=@UserId
order by Views desc

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