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Home Improvement

Q&A for contractors and serious DIYers

FROM Votes
JOIN Posts as p1
ON Votes.PostId = p1.Id
Join Posts as p2
ON p1.ParentId = p2.Id
WHERE Votes.VoteTypeId IN (2) 
AND Votes.CreationDate >= DATEADD(DAY,-30,GETDATE()) --vote is within last 30 days
AND p1.PostTypeId = 2 --voted on post is an answer
AND p1.CreationDate >= DATEADD(DAY,-30,GETDATE()) --Voted on answer was posted within last 30 days
AND p1.ParentId IS NOT NULL --voted on post has a parent
AND p2.PostTypeId = 1 --voted on posts parent is a question
AND p2.CreationDate <= DATEADD(DAY, -60, GETDATE()) --voted on posts parent question is older than 60 days

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