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Drones and Model Aircraft Meta

Q&A for experienced flyers, pilots, and builders of drones and model aircraft

-- partially copied from
create table #unanswered (Id int primary key, Score int, AnswerCount int, CommentCount int, LastActivityDate datetime)

insert #unanswered 
select q.Id, q.Score, q.AnswerCount, q.CommentCount, q.LastActivityDate from Posts q
where (select count(*) from Posts answer where answer.ParentId = q.Id and answer.Score > 0) = 0
and CommunityOwnedDate is null and ClosedDate is null and q.ParentId is null 
and AcceptedAnswerId is null and Score > 0 and Score < 30 and CommentCount > 2 and AnswerCount = 0

select top 2000 u.Id as [Post Link], 
                u.Score as [Score], 
                u.AnswerCount as [NumAnswers],
                u.CommentCount as [NumComments],
                u.LastActivityDate as [LastActiveDate]
from #unanswered u
order by u.LastActivityDate desc

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