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Drones and Model Aircraft Meta

Q&A for experienced flyers, pilots, and builders of drones and model aircraft

with canon as (
  select, count, tags.tagname as otag,
    COALESCE(c.targettagname, b.targettagname, a.targettagname, tagname) as tagname
  from tags
  left join tagsynonyms as a on(a.sourcetagname = tagname)
  left join tagsynonyms as b on(b.sourcetagname = a.targettagname)
  left join tagsynonyms as c on(c.sourcetagname = b.targettagname)
  -- two left joins suffice on SO at the moment, doing three for luck

select tagname, count(*) as closed, max(canon.Count) as questions,
  CAST(count(*) as float)/max(canon.Count) as percentclosed
from posts p
left join posttags pt on = pt.postid
left join canon on pt.tagid =
where posttypeid = 1 and closeddate is not null and canon.Count >= 50
group by tagname
order by CAST(count(*) as float)/max(canon.Count) desc

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