SELECT TOP 50000 p.OwnerUserId ...


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Drones and Model Aircraft Meta

Q&A for experienced flyers, pilots, and builders of drones and model aircraft

SELECT      TOP 50000
            p.OwnerUserId                                       AS [User]
            , p.Id                                              AS [Post Id]
            , CASE WHEN p.PostTypeId = 1 THEN 'Q' ELSE 'A' END  AS [Type]
            , COALESCE (p.Title, ownr.Title)                    AS [Title]
            , p.Body
            , COALESCE (p.Tags, ownr.Tags)                      AS [Tags]
            , p.CreationDate
FROM        Posts p
LEFT JOIN   Posts ownr      ON ownr.ID = p.ParentId
where         p.PostTypeId    IN (1, 2)  -- Question, answer
AND p.PostTypeId=1
ORDER BY    p.OwnerUserId DESC,  p.CreationDate

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