Top users - outside of SO (checking reputation on a single site)


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This query shows the top users outside of SO. It checks for reputation on a single site.

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-- var to hold the complete query as text
declare @sql nvarchar(max)

-- use the STRING_AGG function to get all SQL
-- projection over the complete result
Select @sql = string_agg(N'Select 
        '''+ convert(nvarchar(max),quotename([Name])) + N''' site
       -- , displayname
       , reputation
       , concat('''',accountid,''?tab=accounts'',''|'',displayname) [network profile]
       , id
From ' + convert(nvarchar(max),quotename([Name])) + N'..Users'
-- this is what gets used to concatenate all those strings
-- the data and grouping over the inner query
+ '
order by reputation desc
From sys.Databases
Where database_id > 5 -- skip the first 5 databases, they have nothing for us
-- let's not include meta sites, except MSE
and (Name not Like '%.Meta' or Name = 'StackExchange.Meta')
and name <> 'stackoverflow'

print @sql -- this gets shown on the Messages tab

exec(@sql) -- this executes the SQL statement that is the @sql variable

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